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VCM-12M,13M,23M Vane Pump

Fixed Displacement Vane Pump - VCM-12M,13M,23M

Model Code: Direction of Rotation (Viewed from shaft end), R: Clockwise, L: Counterclockwise, Mounting Type, F: Flange Mounting, L: Foot Mounting, Displacement of shaft-end pump, Displacement of secondary pump, Series No. Vane Pump Series

  1. High Pressure, High efficiency, applicable to any kinds of machines.
  2. Low noise, agreeable to low-noise environmental requirement.
  3. Wide displacement range, from 5.8c.c. to 116c.c. satisfactory to all variety of machinery design.
  4. Special Cartidge design, Easy Maintenance.
  5. Double pump could be designed for double circuits or a circuit with cooling system.
Model Shaft Speed
Theoretical Displacement
Max. Min. Flane Type
Foot Type
Front Rear
VCM-12M 1800 750 25.0 29.3 refer to single pump
VCM-13M 1800 750 45.6 55.6 refer to single pump
VCM-23M 1800 750 51.0 61.0 refer to single pump
  1. Test value of maximum pressure is based on petroleum base hydraulic oil.
  2. Maximum oil viscosity when operating with low speed
    speed 750 / 100 cSt.
    speed 950 / 200 cSt.
  3. When the pressure is higher than 160kgf/cm², the rotation speed should be higher than 1450 rpm.

Dimension: VCM-12M-※-※-F, VCM-12M-※-※-L

Dimension: VCM-13M-※-※-F, VCM-13M-※-※-L

Dimension: VCM-23M-※-※-F, VCM-23M-※-※-L