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Hydraulic Pumps, Variable Displacement Vane Pump, Displacement Pump Manufacturer
Camel Precision manufacturer of displacement pump such as variable displacement vane pump. We provide the best quality displacement pump for our customer.

  • Displacement Pump - VCM - SF, DF
    VCM - SF, DF Displacement Pump
    1. High efficiency operation with minimum power loss.
    2. Very low noise when operating.
    3. Compactness and simple design, space saving and easy operation.
    4. Sturdy structure for high efficiency and long service life.
  • VCM - ​​SFII Variable Displacement Vane Pump Splined Shaft
    1. High efficiency, high-pressure, operation.
    2. Extremely low vibration and noise level.
    3. Instant and sharp cut-off characteristics.
    4. Easy adjustment in handling and maintenance.
    5. Very low noise when operating.
    6. Sturdy structure for high efficiecy and long service life.
  • Variable Displacement Vane Pump - VCM - SM
    VCM - SM Variable Displacement Vane Pump
    1. High efficiency, High-pressure, operation.
    2. Extremely low vibration and noise level.
    3. Instant and sharp cut-off characteristics.
  • Combination Pump Vane + Gear - VCM-SF/GEA
    VCM-SF/EGA Variable Displacement Vane Pumps
    1. Combine the characteristics of both high and low pressure pumps, applicable to for high-low pressure system.
    2. Power saving, low noise and smooth operation. Best choice for hydraulic system design for engineer.
    3. Compactness, minimize space and energy saving.
    4. SAE standard flange.
  • Hydraulic Pumps, Variable Displacement Vane Pump - VCM-SF-CG
    VCM-SF-CG Hydraulic Pumps
    1. Unique and patented attachment design, it reduces overall length and dimension after attached to a variable displacement vane pump, the entire combination became more compact. This cooling circulation pump intake oil from oil reservoir, deliver to cooling system. It effectively reduced oil temperature under continuous process of circulation.
    2. Cooling circulation pump has build-in pressure setting, maintaining pressure at 3kg/cm2, protect pipe line of cooling system.
    3. Rapid testes proven, to combine with proper cooler, it performed better cooling efficiency then cooling variable vane pump's drain by far.
    4. By reducing size of reservoir, it could save space and volume of hydraulic oil. At the end, it saved cost.
  • Hydraulic Pumps - SM Series
    VCM-SM-CG Hydraulic Pump
    1. High Efficiency. Save power. Low noise, operate smoothly.
    2. ECONOMICAL, compulsive cooling system.
    3. Minimized power unit, save space.
    4. Response of speed and efficiency are higher, extended life time.